Every human wishes to make their life peaceful and pleasant. They require spending their time entertaining and happy. Entertainment is an activity to grab the audience’s attention and personal interest and to time pass. It is unlimited and is of different forms which range from music, cinema, storytelling, festival events to travel and it became part of everyone’s life. It assures to engage people and reflect their vision and values and produces relaxation. The major benefits of entertainment activities are to relieve stress, to develop an aspiration, generate money and create employment opportunities, enhances mental health, keep the people updated on the recent facts, and gives a positive vibration.

The celebrations including the banquets, weddings, birthday parties, political reunions, or religious obligations are all part of it. Nowadays music and dancing become the most important part of everyone’s life and people show interest and they start and end their everyday day life by hearing their favorite list of songs. Games are common enjoyment for all age group people from a toddler to an adult. They enjoy playing indoor games like board games, balls, dice, and much more, outdoor games like volleyball, throw ball, basketball, and cricket. With the advancement in internet technology, most young age people are spending their time in online games. Some people take their time to amuse themselves by reading books, which may range from comedy. Horror, thriller, comics, or moral stories and they also entertain other by storytelling concept. Watching television and listening to radio are also trending among most people.

People broadly classify entertainments into five types based on the target audience and their age. It is of a child, adult, public, live, and corporate entertainment. Movies are the best and easiest mode of entertainment and you can watch them either by visiting theatres or online at the home. Online, many mobile applications are available to watch movies, series, music, and videos at live streaming, and everything you need is a smartphone. To make yourselves happier and more stress-free, you can visit the comedy clubs, circus, magic shows, carnivals, pet shows, amusement parks, and food festivals.  Shopping is also falling under an amusement activity to make you feel good and boost your energy. Travel helps people to learn different cultures, traditions, languages and gives a way to gain more friends and keeps them to balance the life and work. It even guides you to start-up your own business experience.