Aphrodite "Why"

Aphrodite - Why


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Filmed by: Panos Astor Koffas https://www.instagram.com/panos.astor.koffas/

Piano & strings: Diamantis Kalafatiadis

Rec|mix|mst@jar - Fotis "ingie" Papatheodorou


Waiting for this guy my feelings are coming back again

He comes into my life but his a stranger in the end

His eyes are hiding something there’s no point to try again

I’m always trying to escape from the confusion that you make

Why you always leaving me

What do you wanna prove

Why this story has this ending

Why I’m still in love with you

Why your smile is hurting me that much

Why your happiness has always to be my misery

Oh, baby why?

I forgot your face

I just wanted to move on

I forgot your taste

And I don’t want that anymore

You left without giving me a reason

what do you expect

You lied to me like I was nothing you know you don’t make sense